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Privacy Policy
Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP utilizes third party platforms to communicate online with the public. This includes open source and public access systems. Companies availing such platforms have their own terms, conditions, and privacy rules. We take no position on the terms of third party platforms. We utilize these platforms at our own risk. Whenever we lose confidence in these platforms, we de-matriculate from them as best we are able to. In the end, the organizations that control the server-side of the Internet have the final say on the utilization, sharing, and abuse of information communicated through internet. Please be mindful of this as you in turn use all internet platforms. We urge you to voice your opinion and communicate with others whenever you suspect information abuse through communications devices, and we urge you to pay keen attention to those organizations who engage in aggressive data harvesting from you. When you communicate with us, you may receive information through various formats such as email, forums, e-zines, newsletters, and journals.  We do not sell or share information to any third party.

You may relay comments regarding our privacy policy to radcliffe_consult@outlook.com. This email address is also subject the terms above and may be subject to change without notice.


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